Build a community of intentional empowerment of myself and others by seeking out and magnifying beauty where it already exists.


An epidemic of comparison, elitism, materialism, and all -isms have siphoned us to different corners of belief and experience. This space explores and redeems by sharing stories, experiences, passions, triumphs and mistakes. By inviting each other into our lives, homes, hearts and minds we can build bridges. This is a place to journal, report, process and discover my truth and share it in hopes of empowering others to share theirs.

Guest writers are essential to this process. If you have a story you’d like to add to Beloved Journal, please email ssansoucylee@gmail.com.


Stephanie Sansoucy Lee is a young professional with a degree in journalism. She spends her spare time working on her home, laughing with friends, drinking wine and cuddling her poodle, Frank.

Family is super important to her. She is married to a passionate and outspoken pastor who inspires her to work toward justice by telling the true story of Jesus.