One thing to help set intentions in your home (free downloads)

Author’s Note: Don’t miss your free downloads at the end! 

After college there is an awkward and stressful period of getting to know yourself again.

“Who am I without my friends, classmates, and extra-curricular activities that have helped define me for the past four years?”

It’s been two years since I graduated, and I am only just now getting the hang of this.

A part of successfully navigating this season, in my experience, is setting intentions. You have to first know who you are, but also know who you want to be. What do you need to work on to survive and thrive in adulthood?

That is a challenge my husband and I are currently working on as individuals and as a couple. And, when it came time to fill a large space on our bedroom wall I wanted something unique to us that would serve as reminders of these intentions.

IMG-2695This gallery wall is the first thing we see in the morning, and it is the last thing we see at night. It is clean and it customized.

The pictures from our wedding are there to remind us of that day and what we told each other. Our families are there to remind us we are never alone. And, the quotes were chosen by  us individually as sources of inspiration.

Not only that, but we realize that these may be subject to change. That is the beauty of hanging frames on the wall. Once the nails are in place you can take them off and change what is inside.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in these past two years is that we are constantly changing and growing. The quotes we chose this season may not apply to the next.

And, I realize hanging quotes on a wall doesn’t lead to direct action. But, they are beautiful reminders of what we want out of this season of life.

If you find these quotes helpful for your life, please download them for your own home.

I printed these on regular printer paper because we will change them out, and it is cheaper. They are designed for 5×7 frames. So, you can print them as 5×7 and then just fold the extra printer paper in half. No scissors required!